How to wear silk tunic this season

You are preparing for a special evening, but you’re still not sure if you will wear a dress, or pants in combination with a shirt or a tunic. Everything comes into play, but you do not know how to better shine. If the occasion is not too formal, why not choose a combination of tunics and trousers?

In your pants you may feel more free, and there will be a good change in addition to all those dresses. Silky materials are always welcome when it comes to special occasions, because they give a certain dose of a ceremony. That’s why you can choose between a few garments.

The silk tunic is an integral part of the festive appearance for a long time, and among the more popular models, they look in the shape of the letter V, where the sleeves go in the form of bells and lightly descend to your waist. The colors are varied and each one is desirable, and if you want to be noticed why you would not opt ​​for a red color?

The red color is a reflection of strength and solid character, and all people who like to wear this color are known as characters who are not afraid to say what they think and clearly express their attitude. Red color is the color of fire, temper and life.

One of the preferred combinations are tight pants or shades of shiny silk and tunic. Black pants and red tunic provide the true look of a person who knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to show it.

Turn off your evening dress with a necklace and bracelet or earrings. If you opt for a raised hairstyle, then the earrings will be more than welcome. It will be nice to see, and it will not be too expensive.

Silk tunics can be worn for more occasions: going out to dinner, to a movie or perhaps to a disco. It will surely be easier for you to dance in your pants than in a dress. Therefore, in these situations, your choice should always be a combination of pants and shirt, shirt or in this case a tunic.

Silk garments, how to choose them and what we need to know

Sensuality, elegance and femininity … All this implies the look that every woman wants to achieve when she wears a beautiful silky dress on her. These are dresses that you will not wear every day, you will choose them for special occasions when it’s really important to shout and show everyone how you can look like a giant red carpet.

Silk dresses come in different creations. They can be tight and structured in which you will look like a siren, and can be sewn in the shape of a letter A just like a wedding dress. This is perhaps the most popular dress model. He can wear women of different backgrounds.

Siren cut is ideal for ladies that are slim and tall, and A cut is almost all for women who have slightly more prominent hips. If you are tall between 160 and 168 cm and you are made in the shape of a pear, feel free to choose a crinoline.

It is not true that crinoline is reserved for wedding dresses only. You can combine them for special occasions, and young ladies can choose them for a prom night when they finally cross the maturity threshold and become a little older.

After choosing the desired dress for yourself you must know how to wear that dress. It’s not a problem if you always have a habit of putting off special events. But when are you layman for the area?

Then it would be good to make a small rehearsal at the store, take a few steps and see how you feel while wearing the dress you chose. If you immediately notice how this is not and you do not feel comfortable in the festive toilet, look for it until you find a dress that looks like it’s sewing just for you.

You have finally chosen the dress, but with the silky material you have to choose the appropriate jewelry and the right hairstyle. If a dress is rich in ornaments, do not overdo it with jewelry. Make it decent as well as makeup. It would be a good idea to wear a silk dress with a letter handbag of the same material. Now your fairy tale can begin.

Using silk in garment and relatively complex techniques

China was the area where the production of silk became the backbone of gospoda, and there was even a ban that did not allow any duct of silk to be released from China, until the two monks were smuggling several shells and spreading the knowledge of silk to others parts of the world.

That is why we can now thank monks not only the spread of knowledge and literacy, but also these fabulous fabrics. With China, the largest producer of raw silk is certainly India.

Have you ever wondered why your silky dress has that wonderful glow. The reason is that silk fibers are very thin, but at the same time their structure is like that of a triangle and reflects the light under various angles. Do you own a dress made of these enchanting thin and delicate threads?

Dresses are the most gentle clothes you can wear and if they are still made of such a valuable material and throat the body in all the right places, those rights could change your life.

Buying gowns made of genuine silk could well drain your wallet. Of course, you can choose some artificial fiber replacements that will imitate the appearance, but there is no such artificial fiber that will be able to imitate the touch of silk on the skin.

Keep in mind that such a dress does not forgive greasy cushions or skinny skin, so if you are expecting a special occasion on which you decided to dress this beautiful dress porridge on yourself. Daily moderate exercise will tense the skin and restore muscle tone. Is it more beautiful than the tense and firm muscles on a healthy body covered with soft glossy fabric.

Silk scarf, a refined addition to this season

Certainly, if you are sitting in the shade and sipping a cold juice or a drink with a umbrella on your well-deserved annual vacation, you are angry when you mention the word scarf. As these winter requisites are now distant when the sun is in the zenith, and the mind is emptied of all thoughts except the note of the last song that shuts from the speaker.

But even if you consider the summer as a time to work a few days or weeks apart from the lizard, it may still break into the evening of wine and songs in the city, or you would just like to walk with your husband, boyfriend, friend, sister …

We know that you took some nice dresses with you so that you could arrange it. I will not know that it takes a lot of makeup when the sun kisses your skin and you become a caramel goddess. Maybe just a little mascara and move the bronzer around the cheeks. But what about fashion accessories? With shoes and purses, there are still marginal areas in the world of fashion accessories, which we do not even think about. When, for example, last time wearing a silk scarf?

Perhaps your only emotions are related to scarves that feeling when you realized that , the pioneer of modern dance, lost her life in a bizarre incident with a joke.

A silk scarf is like a small instant injection of style that will raise every sea combination. You may be wrapped in a white linen or in short trousers and a navy shirt. A light pastel dress and sandals on a full heel? There is no combination that will not profit by adding this interesting item.

Silk scarf is not only beautiful but it could also prove to be extremely useful and practical on the beach. If you do not want to damage your hair or have recently been scared, you can protect it with a scar like the dramatic Hollywood diva. More cat’s nose on the nose and some adventure begins.

Silk blouses – the rules of choice and picking

Silk ladies’ blouses can add to the look of delicate elegance. Stylists and beautiful ladies give them their preference for their excellent ability to easily fit in both day and evening image, to form the basis for a business look or a bow of a day off. That’s just to correctly choose your model, you should learn about the intricacies of the style, their selection and the acquisition of this kind of blouses. .

Silk blouses are rightfully considered the most feminine item of clothing. And the whole thing in the material from which they are sewn – silk. In the world produce more than 30 of its varieties, divided according to the naturalness and weaving methods. But less than a third of them are suitable for sewing blouses, which have surprising smoothness, durability and unique soft shine.

Various models of silk blouses are sewed mainly from toile and satin, which perfectly keep the style attached to them, which is especially important for business suits. For the images of the weekend and evening promenade, designers create three main varieties when creating models: silk crepe and organza, as well as chiffon. To choose a solemn appearance, stylists recommend taffeta and wild silk, on which textured patterns look so good. The described varieties allow you to create many cuts of the model of the blouse. .

It is believed that the classic style of a silk blouse was proposed by the great Chanel, which does not interfere with its relevance. It is a fitted model with a bow collar. An additional distinguishing feature is that it is always sewn with a long sleeve, which fits the arm half-loosely, ending with a stiff, high cuff. Fashion is changeable, because designers offer other styles: semi-fitting shirts, elongated blouses, tunics, cut polo, with a smell both on the front and on the back or high waist.

Changes relate to other elements of the blouse. The collars vary from classic “small stands” to lush vertical flounces, jabot, “bolero snag”, coquette. Designers offer options, in addition to the already described long, with short sleeves in the form of, for example, flashlights or “petals”, as well as three-quarters. And if a blouse is sewn from a well-shaped fabric, then designers can give it a Basque uniform or set the current asymmetric cut ..

It’s no secret that blouses are very feminine wardrobe items

Among all the models the most delicate are silk blouses. Light fabric flows through the body, giving a feeling of freshness and lightness.

What to wear
Reflecting on the question of how to combine a silk blouse, it is important to remember the rule of one bright and intricate thing in the general image. This piece of clothing is a silk blouse, so the bottom should be made in pastel or dark colors.

For the office, a monochromatic silk model with short or long sleeves can be combined with a classic skirt. The color of the blouse can be any from the traditional white to delicate violet. If the company’s dress code allows, a silk blouse will become even more spectacular if there are flounders, a jabot or a gate in its design.

For a summer walk, silk products in the form of tops with one-piece sleeves or shoulder straps are suitable. For them, short denim shorts or light skirts to the floor will become a harmonious tandem for them.

Silk is a favorite material of designers, so the models of blouses are so diverse. To choose from them that very ideal can be very difficult. In order not to get lost, it is enough to remember a few fashionable styles.

Blouses with short sleeves – salvation for a business image in unbearably hot weather. The sleeves are classic, 3/4 long, in the form of flashlights, as well as with a minimum length that resembles a one-piece blouse.

For silk blouses, sleeves ¾ and models with long sleeves, but rolled up to the level of the elbow, are the most popular. These models of blouses got their demand due to the presence of assemblies in the sleeve zone, allowing the fabric to sparkle with natural shine.