May 30-31, 2017


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The ENGI Conference is an important event of the gas industry dedicated to the realization of the current and future gas projects in Eurasia, focusing on natural gas pipelines, storage and LNG.


The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:


>  Long-term security of energy supply for Europe,

>  European integrated internal gas market,

>  Major European and Asian gas pipeline projects,
>  Main gas storage projects: latest trends, 
>  Gas storage investment and commercial challenges,
>  Eurasian LNG market outlook, 
>  LNG supplies for Europe's LNG terminals & distribution,
>  New LNG regasification terminals.



Areas in Focus:



(Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Norway, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Belarus, Azerbaijan)


(Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)


(Iran, Qatar, Turkey)


(India, Pakistan, Afganistan, China)


(Algeria , Egypt, Libya, Morocco , Mozambique)



Who should attend?


> International gas companies 
> National gas companies 
> Government bodies
> Regulatory bodies
> Pipelines
> Utility companies
> Banks and financial institutions
> Law firms
> Storage operators & TSOs
> Economic, political, and risk analysts
> Engineering and services contractors
> Gas traders and distributors
> Gas processing plants
> Infrastructure development
> Academics